Latest Trends in Home Interior Lighting

If you are seriously considering redecorating your dream home, one of the most important elements that you must spend time and effort on is lighting. Your choice of lighting can significantly impact on the feel and character of the interior of your home. Depending on the type of lighting you choose, a room may evoke a character that is cozy, inviting or detached at the flip of the switch.

When you are looking for the appropriate lighting fixtures and materials for your home, it is essential that you have the basic understanding of the functions and uses of decorative lighting, pendants, chandeliers, lamps and recessed cans. You have to make informed choice of lighting to ensure that these lighting elements perfectly blend with the overall character and design of your home.

The popular trend nowadays is the use of lighting fixtures that complement the architectural design of the home. Specifically, top choices for modern homes include taller lighting fixtures since most modern design today involve higher ceilings. In the past, eight feet was the norm. Today, it is not unusual to see modern homes being outfitted with nine or ten footer fixtures.

Further, interior design experts have also noted the shift in the type of materials of lighting fixtures. Interior specialists and homeowners are now inclined to veer away from the usual resin and plastic look in their lighting fixtures and revert back to the old school in home interior design where copper and brass are the dominant materials of lighting fixtures.

Another major development in the field of interior decoration and design is the change in the way many people are using lighting fixtures in their kitchens and dining rooms. In the last five years, the trend in kitchen design has shifted from mostly oak cabinets to mahogany and cherry cabinets. This is the main reason why we redder light tones are getting to be the popular choice in modern kitchens.

Homeowners are now going for recessed cans as their primary source of light while under-cabinet lighting fixtures are installed to brighten up the parts of the kitchen where major tasks are performed. It is now an accepted norm to provide lighting for the top portions of kitchen cabinets and toe spaces for the warm feel that they want to achieve in the interior of homes. Homeowners are now also inclined to install mini pendants as accents in the overall design of the interior. These lighting fixtures perfectly combine with the chandelier found in the dining room especially if the two rooms are adjacent to each other.

Outdoor lighting is now a hot item as more and more stakeholders are directing their resources on this ubiquitous outdoor fixture. Homeowners are spending more time and money on their patios, decks and terraces. Major players in the home lighting industry have recognized this emerging trend and have started focusing their attention in the development of new and advanced designs of their lighting products that meet the outdoor requirements. They have also used materials in these lighting products that can withstand the elements.

Table lamps, wall scones and chandeliers designed for outdoor use are usually made out of cast aluminum. These materials are more durable and do not rust or corrode. These outdoor lighting fixtures also meet the safety standards required of exterior electrical devices as they don't short out or cause fire even if they are exposed to moisture and rain. Landscape lighting materials have also evolved into decorative elements. Gone are the days where the security lights look unattractive and plain.

With all the exciting developments and new design ideas presented by modern lighting fixtures and products, home improvement specialists and homeowners alike now enjoy wider choices in the their design options. This is one aspect of the design of your home where you can showcase the character and look that you want to have in your home.